Oh, the cheese, the glorious cheese, how I yearn for your touch. Parasite (1982), if anything else, is a cheese-fest. The setting is a post-apocalyptic USA, where using Styrofoam burger boxes is apparently the rage in decorating. I wasn’t sure if they were Big Mac or Whopper containers, it’s been so long since they used them. Even the 3-D usage is cheesy with random things coming toward the viewer.

ParasiteThe SciFi elements are good enough, I suppose, they do have laser guns and wands. I wish they would’ve turned up the horror. The gore and creature effects are cool when present; however, most of the movie is a lot of wandering around. When the parasite comes out of his head, that’s the shit I love, just dumb gross effects. In other scenes, it looks like a giant turd with teeth, almost like a Ghoulie or Alien.

The sinister strings was a common choice for 80s horror soundtracks, and looking at Richard Band’s resume, he did several of them. The acting is beside the point with this movie, I’ve seen much worse, but I’ve never understood how Demi Moore made it past this film. I’ve seen her in tons of roles throughout the years, and every time I think, damn she sucks. And when it ended, it tried to be poetic with the bad guy dying in a fire with the parasite attached to him.

3 Stars

Parasite is another middle of the road horror movie from the 80s, and I give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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