I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up a copy of Real Skin but based on the book blurb I was intrigued so I moved it to the top of my reading list. Throughout the story, there are ads for Androids With Real Skin that are absolutely creepy.

Real SkinReal Skin has an uncanny resemblance to Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris in places and at one point Mr. Green calls it out in the book, which gave me a chuckle. There is a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor that is suiting for this book, and other unexpected goodies that I couldn’t put it down.

Oddly enough, Real Skin is set in my neighborhood, which added a few additional chills to it for me since it is so close to home. Being set in 2030, it gave me some relief, though SSK would technically be active now.

This book is not perfect though, and I’m not sure (since I’ve never read any other novels by E.A. Green) if it was on purpose. The formatting isn’t like anything I’ve read before with capitalized words in the middle of sentences and the lack of quotations during dialogue or quotations out of the blue. I must say that in this strange world it made sense and once the initial shock of it passed, it felt natural.

I enjoyed the grotesque nature of many of the scenes and not just the kill shots; there are tons more than those that keep the world of Real Skin going.

Even with my perceived flaws, I recommend Real Skin, and I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Real Skin

Until its You, One can Never understand just how Soul Destroying it can be when a Family Member, Friend or Acquaintance; just up and vanishes. That depth of darkness knows no bounds when they’re declared missing and unfindable. Detective Jarrett Jefferson knows that portion of Hell’s Fiery Pits All Too Well. His wife was Not Only Reported Missing on July the First of Twenty, Twenty-Nine, but that day Just So Happened to be his Thirtieth Birthday. His Misery took an Even Deeper Step into Self-annihilation and destruction; after her case was declared an Adult Runaway, before getting tossed amongst the other Hundreds of cold case files. And now; A Year Later, Jean’s husband was just starting to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Ride along with the Detective as his First Official Case turns out to be Unlike anything he has ever investigated. A Serial Killer that is given the name S.S.K. by Mr. Jefferson himself. As the killers identity is revealed, clues about Jean’s whereabouts eventually come to light also. Why Settle For FAKE SKIN, When You Can Have REAL. Look For A REAL SKIN DEALER Near You.

About E.A. Green

EA GreenI am a Former Native of Rockport Texas, “Ground Zero for Hurricane Harvey,” where Most of my Family and Friends still live. I am a Graduate from Rockport-Fulton High, “GO PIRATES!” and currently Live in Colorado with My Soul Mate. “Unbeknownst to Most,” I am an Ex Carnie and have spent years working in the Manual Labor Dept. Those Jobs have ranged from the Fast Food Ind to the Oil Field, Tire Retread Shop, CNA, EMT, UPS Driver, Metal Fabricator to over 15 Years in the Lawn, Plant Nursery and Landscape Business. My Love for books is do to Great Teachers, “Mrs. Eden’s, Mrs. Duggan Mrs. Turner,” and Very Influential Writers. Those Writers include Steven King, “Who I So Hope To Meet Someday, (Hint, Hint Mr. King,)” Terry Brooks, Jean M. Auel to Koontz. “Someday,” My Goal is to be a Very Desired Author with Tons of Fans.


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