#readers HOME A NOVEL #horror When a Fallen Angel stalks Cody, he returns home to end the evil plans http://bit.ly/1RuGGmB #ebook #excerpt

From the corner of his eye he watched the darkness from his bedroom move closer to him. It took the shape of a man’s shadow stretched at sunset; its head reaching the ceiling. After a moment, the darkness swirled, breaking its form. Maniacal laughter of several voices erupted, then as quickly as it started was silent again.

“The one,” a voice whispered close to his ear, followed by a multitude of voices agreeing in hissing sighs.

The darkness retreated to the bedroom. Cody forced himself to move from the door to watch the smoky mist dissipate as it crossed the threshold, and disappear, leaving the bedroom in a silvery glow from the streetlight. The bathroom light flashed on, causing Cody to jump. The light flowed across the hall through the open bedroom door, giving him a better view of its interior.

Reaching inside, he flicked on the overhead light. The small silver statue of Jesus, a friend had brought him from Rio, lay face down on his dresser; otherwise nothing in the room was out of place. Hair on his arms stood, and a twitch shook his body. Without his feet crossing the threshold, he grabbed the doorknob, and pulled the door shut—he decided to sleep on the couch, so long as the TV didn’t decide to turn back on and blare sound through the speakers.

* * * *

Shoshoni used to be a thriving, small town in Wyoming, but now has lost its luster. Some don’t care what happens, while others have fought for the town’s demise to keep the prophecy from coming true. One man, hiding behind the glaring windows of the Shanley Hotel, wants the town restored. The young man, he gave his knowledge to many years ago, can help him in more ways than he knows, if he would just come home.

Strange things have been happening to thirty-three-year-old Cody; he’s lost sleep, heard sounds which shouldn’t be there, and has bruises he cannot explain. A woman, he’s sure has been stalking him, tells him to be careful, and he laughs. When he wakes with her in a motel room, he listens to what she has to say, though he doesn’t expect the psycho-stalker to tell him he should not go home.

At thirty, Tyler is still looking for ways to make an easy dollar, but he gets more than he expects when he goes home. He is seduced by the charms of the man living in the Shanley Hotel, and begins work restoring the block. When his brother, Cody, comes to take Tyler away from Shoshoni he is soon drawn into the darkness growing in the hotel without hope of escape.

Daughter of Illusion


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