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Tyler froze in mid-step, glancing around. He swore someone had called his name. Finding no one, he made his way into the high-rise, looking over his shoulder as he crossed the threshold. The elevator door slid open, and as he was stepping inside, he again heard someone calling his name. He scanned the lobby, finding the black-coated, security guard standing behind the desk, but no one else. On the street, people walked to their destinations, but no one he recognized. However, he didn’t notice the tall, thin man standing to the side of the glass doors watching him intently.

He pressed the button marked ‘14’, and shook his head, quickly forgetting the discombobulated feeling of thinking he heard his name being called, as the doors closed with a soft thump. Watching the floor numbers light, then blink out, he wondered why designers still skipped ‘13’, after all, the fourteenth floor was technically still the thirteenth floor. “Silly superstitions,” he mumbled as the door opened to the seventh floor.

A lanky, pale man joined him in the elevator but didn’t push a button to a different floor. Tyler assessed the man, as he often did; even at thirty his insecurities forced him. The man was tall and thin, so what, Tyler might be short, but he made up for it in muscle, and he had nice dark-brown hair. Why do men think a shaved head is a hairstyle? He thought with a smirk. I win! Tyler wanted to laugh, but held back. To his rescue, the doors slid open to the fourteenth floor, and he stepped out into the bright sterile lobby.

* * * *

Shoshoni used to be a thriving, small town in Wyoming, but now has lost its luster. Some don’t care what happens, while others have fought for the town’s demise to keep the prophecy from coming true. One man, hiding behind the glaring windows of the Shanley Hotel, wants the town restored. The young man, he gave his knowledge to many years ago, can help him in more ways than he knows, if he would just come home.

Strange things have been happening to thirty-three-year-old Cody; he’s lost sleep, heard sounds which shouldn’t be there, and has bruises he cannot explain. A woman, he’s sure has been stalking him, tells him to be careful, and he laughs. When he wakes with her in a motel room, he listens to what she has to say, though he doesn’t expect the psycho-stalker to tell him he should not go home.

At thirty, Tyler is still looking for ways to make an easy dollar, but he gets more than he expects when he goes home. He is seduced by the charms of the man living in the Shanley Hotel, and begins work restoring the block. When his brother, Cody, comes to take Tyler away from Shoshoni he is soon drawn into the darkness growing in the hotel without hope of escape.

Daughter of Illusion


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