Rave Reviews Book Club and Me #RRBC

Last fall, I came across a Twitter post with the tag #RRBC, curious as to what it was, I followed the link to the blog post (I wish I could remember whose it was), and found a write up about this book club offering support to Authors, self-published or not. The article was interesting, so I followed the link to Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules. Let me tell you, there is a lot happening on this website, everything from a book catalog to streaming interviews.

The premise of this book club is to promote others, and be promoted back, which is a great thing. Yes, I was skeptical. I’ve seen this line on other sites, promising the moon, but get nothing in return. But after reading comments, and the many pages within, I began to wonder if it were for real. I searched the hashtags #RRBC and #RaveReviewsBookClub on Twitter, and was very impressed to see the number of people tweeting for others. So I wondered, is this the place for me. I went back, and read more on the website; the more I read, the more I liked.

To start with, I didn’t add all my books to the catalog, just three listings that come with membership, and waited to see what would happen, but after seeing all the support I received I add the others. I began promoting the books I found in the catalog that I found interesting, and guess what? I began receiving mentions on Twitter from complete strangers. Being an Indie Author, it is difficult to find a place that doesn’t rip you off, and provides what it promises. Since, becoming a member, I’ve had the honor of being on the Tag Team 2*4*5 Radio Show, which was very exciting even though I was very nervous, for my efforts of promoting others.

The club is great. All you have to do is read four books a year from the countless titles in the book catalog, write an honest review, and promote members.

If you’re an Indie Author in need of help with getting the word out about your books, you should check them out. And when you sign up, mention my name (Charles W. Jones). It’s a great club with a ton of wonderful books to read.


Daughter of Illusion

The Horror of My Life


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