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Bizarre events won’t allow Susie to return to World Circus, and she discovers at the same time, she is no longer Page of Buckets, leaving her with the question of “who am I?” Each time she closes her eyes to sleep, she learns more and more about how the strange world and its inhabitants were created. An unsettling vision of a massacre leaves her shaken, leading her to the woman who made the Circus Tarot.

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Which card are you?

To children, World Circus is an adventure, but Mary and, especially, Darrin, don’t find it a safe place, though they’ve allowed their daughter, Susie, to return there whenever she wants and on occasion takes her friends with her.

When bizarre events won’t allow Susie to return to World Circus, and she wonders why. Her mother, Mary, knows the answer but refuses to tell her, wanting her to figure out the reason for herself. The only thing Susie knows is that she is no longer Page of Buckets.

A series of dreams show Susie how and why a woman created World Circus, unlocking the mystery of her new card. Susie witnesses a horrific scene of destruction, and when she finds the woman returns the cards to her.

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2 reviews for World Circus

  1. Karen Ingalls

    I had read Circus Tarot which I enjoyed though at the beginning I had difficulty following the characters. I found the same to be true to a lesser extent in this book 3. The main character, Susie is no longer able to return to the World Circus for reasons she does not understand. She is a teenager ready to go to college yet she must come to terms with what has happened in the past and her role in it.
    Well written.

  2. D.E.Howard

    So at last the trilogy draws to a close and piece by piece we learn the origins of this strange world.

    Time has passed and Susie learns that her role in the circus is about to change, she just doesn’t know who she is to become and the truth is revealed slowly through a series of strange, and often disturbing dreams.

    I must admit that I didn’t quite enjoy this book as much the previous two but that said it was still a well crafted tale and it was satisfying to discover where this strange world originated. The flipping between the different times took a little getting used to but that became easier the more you read.

    All in all a pleasing ending to a strange and imaginative series that might make you look at clowns a little differently – unless, that is, you are already afraid of them

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