The Road to Nowhere – A Short Story

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Three friends miss the turn to the lake resort and find themselves subject to a cannibalistic couple.

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Friends, Steve, Everett, and Reed, are traveling to a lake resort to celebrate Everett’s upcoming wedding when their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. When they find an old farmhouse, they discover the elderly couple, Aggie and Morty, aren’t as hospitable as they initially thought and find themselves subject to the sadistic and cannibalistic pair. Aggie and Morty will be eating well unless Steve, Everett, and Reed can escape the farmhouse.

1 review for The Road to Nowhere – A Short Story

  1. Robbie Cheadle

    I must say right up front that while I really enjoyed this story, it is horror and would not suit all tastes. There are a few scenes that are quite graphically violent and brutal.

    Three young male friends are on a road trip when their van breaks down. The trio soon realise they have taken a wrong turn and are lost in a rural and unfamiliar place. They are the sort of youngers that offend old-fashioned and conservative elderly people due to the swear words that liberally sprinkle their speech and the tattoos and pumped up muscles they sport. One of them is gay.

    Abandoning their car, they set off in search of a ramshackled house they’d passed earlier in the afternoon. The house is inhabited by two creepy old people who do not own a car or have a working phone. They offer the men a meal and to spend the night as it is now dark and there is no help to be had until the morning. Against their instincts the three accept the invitation.

    There are a few hints that the couple are not what they seem. A few well chosen words such as “”There’s always room for one more.” She patted her belly through her yellow floral housecoat” and “His gaze settled on each of them, intensely looking them over as though he were attempting to guess their weight or age like the geeks do at a carnival.”

    Of course, everything starts to go a little pear-shaped, and one of the youngers ends up dead. The remaining two must try to escape if they want to see the sun rise.

    This is an entertaining and well told horror story that will appeal to readers who enjoy books like Stephen King’s The Raft.

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