Amilcar – The Blythe Valley Chronicles

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When the Carrington Collective calls Ezra Thompson to investigate an occurrence in Waldgrave, he and his son, Eli, are confronted with a Fallen Angel few knew existed.

The past shows that Amilcar finds ones who yearn for something beyond their reach and provides them with everything they desire. The ones who succumbed to his charms received their wishes, while the sacrifices to Amilcar were not so lucky.

Katrina, Heather, and Aletha are some who stood against Amilcar, fighting him to the end, but will Ezra and Eli come out the other side unharmed from this Fallen Angel?


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Blythe Valley has a secret that it wishes no one discovers. This collection of stories reveals what it wants to hide.

The night Atticus decided to take his life, a Fallen Angel came to him to help him with the grief he felt from losing his wife, giving him new hope for the future. Traveling across the country with his flock to find the promised land, his followers have no idea where some have gone. While Katrina is suspicious, she doesn’t speak of their leader’s strange actions until years later after he raped her and all but her and her husband, Griff, tragically perish.

Decades pass, and Heather and her friends hike into the woods to find the fabled town of Blythe, where she discovers a strange box that soon brings all of her dreams to life. Her husband, Shane, becomes unsure of her late-night escapades and begins to remember their past. When he discovers the diary that led them to Blythe years before, he learns an unexpected history.

Aletha and Pete live in her grandfather’s house, which seems to have more than them living in it. Strange dreams start to plague her after opening the old Steamer trunk that she found in the attic, and soon, their lives are turned upside down. When Amilcar shows himself to Aletha, and she discovers Pete’s corpse on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, the unease that she’s felt for months explodes, and she leaves the house to escape. A priest takes it upon himself to help her rid the home of the Fallen Angel to perish at its feet.

Ezra Thompson has had dealings with the Carrington Collective in the past. When he and his son, Eli, visit Waldgrave to investigate, they quickly learn that Amilcar has taken another to do its bidding. With little time to prepare, they face off with the Fallen Angel to save the town and its residents from its reign of terror.

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5 reviews for Amilcar – The Blythe Valley Chronicles

  1. 4 out of 5

    Karen Black

    The novel starts with action and doesn’t slow down. I found the description of the Cercueil de Bete fascinating. The story grabbed me from the beginning as I anticipated meeting the beast that the casket held.

    As the drama unfolds, there are quite a few characters. In some ways, the novel is like a series of short stories effectively woven together by a common thread, Amilcar.

    The storyline is good, and horror aficionados will turn the pages quickly. “Amilcar” is worth the price of admission, and I recommend it.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Shirley Slaughter

    Reading through each chapter, tying the character’s lives to one pure evil presence was nerve wrecking to say the least. The author allowed me to get to know the characters, but just enough so I could relate to them. He scores points for that. Some writers are unable to connect you to one or two main characters. The scenes where Amilcar attacks and kills his prey was done in such a way that I wasn’t frightened out of my mind. It was as if I was waking up without realizing what had happened in the night. That’s good writing. I’m frightened enough as it is and don’t take pleasure out of gore. I was on the edge just anticipating the next body count. Overall it was a good story about a curse handed down from one generation to the next. Charles Jones, good job telling this story.

  3. 4 out of 5


    Author Charles W Jones is at it again in creating a world in the city of Waldgrave, beginning with an art and antiquity appraiser, Kendric. The hook, Waldgrave has a secret, was enough for me to keep turning the pages. Mr. Jones is excellent at rapidly developing characters and highlighting their flaws. For example, Jones establishes the complex make-up of Kendric early, and his aged movements are immediate visuals for the reader. This opening, combined with an unusually carved box, is exciting and continues to evolve along with the story.

    However, it is the discussion, Ares, Kendric’s customer, has with a witch friend Fleur after inadvertently touching the item. My imagination took flight, and the pages turned almost by themselves.

    “I guess.” Ares groaned. “Can’t you do a spell or something to push the evil out? You’re a witch, after all.”
    “Cercueil de Bête were created for a reason, to contain a Fallen Angel. Anything I could possibly do would only make it angry and probably release it. So, unless you want a Fallen loose in Waldgrave, I suggest you focus your obsession on something else. Like a guillotine or St. Damascene’s severed hand.”
    “I know you’re probably right. But you didn’t see this box. It’s impressive. The sun on the top was white, carved out of a black background with other stars in the sky. The side that I touched with those people dying was just as magnificent. Someone took a lot of time creating it. It just seems a waste that I don’t get to show it off.”

    The interrelationships between the characters highlight a small-town interest in one another’s lives. The driven drama and excitement have the evil Amilcar at the center. The sins of people and Amilcar make this horror gripping as well as impossible to figure out in advance.

    I recommend this book for fans of horror who appreciate good storytelling. The shades of believability will keep readers engaged. I am enjoying the imagination of Author Charles W Jones, you will too.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Loved this book from start to finish. It’s the kind of book that you will enjoy reading more than once and a wonderful addition to any library.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Jackie T

    Absolutely fantastic, There’s no way to not love the characters and the whole story. It’s total involvement to the end.

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