I would hope that Phantasm V: Ravager (2016) is the last in the franchise since Agnus died before the film was released; he was 90. Eighteen years passed since IV was released, and it’s very telling in the actors. I know, I know we all get old, but doing a Phantasm-athon and seeing them all at once is a little unnerving when I started watching this one.

Phantasm_V_pI never saw this one until recently and didn’t know what to expect (it’s the reason for the Phantasm binge). I thought it was awesome that they brought back the 1971 ‘Cuda with the hardtop. It was a lovely touch aiding in closing the circle.

At first, I thought it would primarily focus on Reggie partially because of how IV ended and how Phantasm V began, but I was surprised and delighted to see that most everyone came back, even Rocky from III. Of course, there’s another girl in this one too.

The overlay of realities in this one shows the sci-fi aspects of this film series. With the advancement of technology, the spheres are so much better, and I hate to say, so is the gore. I don’t want to spoil your binge of the Phantasm franchise, especially if you haven’t seen this one, so I will wrap this up by saying that, yes, I shed a tear in the final scenes.

5 Stars

Phantasm V: Ravager is an excellent ending to one of my favorite franchises, and I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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