For the month of April, I’ve teamed up with some great authors in the Horror, Paranormal, and SciFi genres as part of a group promotion featuring Otherworldly beings (non-humans or former humans). Each of the participating authors is offering some of their books at a discounted price.  To check out all these books follow this link.

From April 1-8, 2021, The Road to Saratin is on sale for 99cents. For those who haven’t read it, The Road to Saratin is my break away from Horror, entering the SciFi Dystopian genre. This book was a great change for me and I’m pondering if I will write another, though my next book returns to Horror. We’ll see.

The Road to Saratin w/ AwardsAbout The Road to Saratin

Twenty-two years ago, voices started talking inside six-year-old Carl’s mind, causing him to be taken to the Freedom Institute for observation by a megalomaniac doctor until the voices tell Carl it’s time to leave. He begins his trek across an unwelcoming land to find his mom, finding many perils along the way and answers he already knew.

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