Netflix keeps popping out movies that I’d never heard of until they show up on my recommendations shelf, and the most recent one was Nightbooks (2021). Reading the short description in the app only told me it was a new take on Hansel and Gretel. OK, so this should be interesting. I didn’t realize that it was intended for children. Not that children’s horror is bad, it was just unexpected. I love that someone thought to tap into a great audience.

Nightbooks posterYes, this movie is a remake of Hansel and Gretel, and when I started watching, I was instantly pulled in. The thing about this children’s horror film that took me off guard was how frightening it was without being over the top with gore. And of course, something I’m not accustomed to, there were no cuss words at all.

The effects they used in this film were of splattering some sort of monster bug and the witch levitating the kids, and both were well done. The mystery behind what happened to the children is answered nicely with an opportunity for a sequel.

5 Stars

If you have children who like spooky movies, or if you are looking for something that isn’t too heavy with terror, this is a great choice. I highly recommend Nightbooks and gave it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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