#Netflix #HorrorMovie Review – Mercy Black (2019)

OK, so I watched Mercy Black (2019), and as I watched, I was left unsure how I feel about it. It was another of those movies that started with a mediocre hook and subsequent flashbacks that weren’t much better. I had the distinct feeling that I was watching Slender Man under a different name, then something changed with the film that made me love it.

Around the time that Bryce started asking questions about Mercy Black, I suspected a twist, but not what ended up happening. I was disappointed that they threw in a bathtub scene, come on, let’s try something else. At least the creepy moments were dark and tense (making me forget about the bath) even with the musical score trying to make the entirety darker than it actually was.

To my relief, the acting in this movie met my expectations. Daniella Pineda was excellent in the role of Marina Hess, and I always like Janeane Garofalo, so I wasn’t worried about her. The memorable ones were Lee Eddy as Lily and Miles Emmons as Bryce; they got their freak on and took the film to where it needed to go. I know what it was that turned things around for me. It was Lily and Bryce in the library.

The next piece that did it for me was the creation of Mercy Black by the young girls in the fallout shelter. I found it creepy and divine. Just looking at the thing hanging there made my skin crawl. Then when the film returned to the present with Mercy Black coming alive, I loved it. I wish there’d been more gore. I miss gory horror movies. At least, I got a good giggle in the final sequence with Bryce and Lily.

I think some will be surprised that I give Mercy Black 4 out of 5 Stars.

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