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Necromancer (1988) has a disturbing opening with three guys raping Julie because she discovered them breaking into a professor’s office, who she had/has a crush on. Later, they blackmailed her with a love letter they found she wrote to the professor to keep quiet. Julie confides in Freda, who wants her to go to the police but refuses. Later, Freda finds an ad for revenge.

I enjoyed the effects. While they were minimal, they were done well. The story, on the other hand, was scattered. I’m not sure if it was how they edited everything together because it didn’t feel cohesive. It started strong with the character introductions, then fell apart. Julie’s boyfriend overacted, making his role funny.  Then there’s the guy who tried to stop the Necromancer, his part was limited and weird, and it was mostly unclear what he was doing and why.

Necromancer (1988) has a great concept that wasn’t enacted well. I gave it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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