My Updated 2019 #HorrorMovie Watch List

As of today, there are only 86 days until Halloween, so I figured I’d revisit my 2019 Horror Movie Watch List. I’ve seen 15 that were both on the original list, and others that got added along the way. I’m finding myself liking the Indie films so much more than the big budget producers, and I’ve only seen one in the theater and how I wish that I wouldn’t have wasted my gift cards on it; at least, I didn’t lose money, I guess. I’m also noticing that the Indie producers are more appreciative of the reviews, and respond to me on Twitter and Instagram.

The categories are On the Previous List, Added to the List, and Watched. The links in On the Previous and Added lists go to the trailer, while the links in Watched go to my review.

On the Previous List

3 From Hell – I’m excited about this one, and Rob has never disappointed me. (top 9 list)
Annabella Comes Homes – I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m still going to watch it. Creepy ass doll. (top 9 list)
An American Werewolf in London – I’m thinking this isn’t going to be. (remake list)
Antlers – maybe, this will really happen this year. If not, it’ll go to the 2020 list. (top 9 list)
Automata (The Devil’s Machine) – I’m still unsure about this one, but I’ve seen the other two movies that fell into THE LIST OF MOVIES THAT I PROBABLY WON’T WATCH. I loved The Hole in the Ground, but the other, I watched on accident and hated it (I know I could’ve turned it off).
Child’s Play – I just saw the original over the weekend for the billionth time, and not because the remake is coming. Yeah! GO CHUCKY! (remake list)
Rabid – I’ll wait with baited breath. Just kidding. (remake list)
The Conjuring 3 – moved to 2020 (top 9 list)
The Curse of La Llorona – I finally get to see it, I hope I’m not disappointed. Watch for a review in the next few days. (top 9 list)
Depraved – it’s very strange, this was released on March 20, 2019, but I haven’t seen a listing for it anywhere. (won’t die list)
Doctor Sleep – I’m not going to rush to see this when it is released (won’t die list)
Eli – another that I’m not seeing movement on in the Netflix world (top 9 list)
Escape Room – it’s gonna be on Starz on August 17, so I’ll watch it then. I got around to seeing the film with the same name from 2017, it wasn’t horrible. (won’t die list)
Hex – I’m so fucking confused about this one. I recently reviewed another movie that’s on Amazon with this name, and it was amazing, but not the movie that made the previous list. Now this one has a 2018 date. Well if I find it, I’ll watch it. (won’t die list)
IT: Chapter 2 – of the remakes lately, I liked Chapter 1, so I can’t not watch Chapter 2. (remake list)
The Lodge – another for November (won’t die list)
Midsommer – I still have mixed thoughts of this one. It’s by the Hereditary people, hopefully, it’s not as bad as that. (won’t die list)
Polaroid – not sure if this will ever be available in the USA. According to IMDb, it was released in Germany on January 10, 2019. (won’t die list)
The Turning – moved to 2020 for the USA (won’t die list)

Added to the List

The Banana Splits Movie – this TV show always freaked me out as a kid, now I know why.
Brahms: The Boy II – I always wonder about sequels, probably not uncommon. I liked The Boy, so hopefully they don’t fuck it up.
Darlin’ – another fun Catholic School torture movie. It looks disturbing. It’s on Amazon, so who knows.
The Dead Don’t Die – it could be good. We’ll see.
Dolls – not a remake of the 1987 film of the same name. Looks gruesome.
Haunt – this looks like fun for September.
I Trapped the Devil – IFC has been putting out some good horror in the last few years.
Into the Forest – it sounds like a found footage film that I’ll probably hate as much as Blair Witch
Jack in the Box – this one made it to my list the other day after reading a tweet about it.
Mermaid: Lake of the Dead – this came up in a recommended listing on Amazon a while ago. The “poster” looked intriguing.
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – I wasn’t in the generation when these books were popular, so I missed them completely.
They’re Inside – creepy masks with a not so original story
Tone-Deaf – sometimes trailers show everything good about a movie, hoping this isn’t one of them
The Wind – another IFC film that intrigues me.
Wounds – this movie supposedly came out on March 29th, but I haven’t been able to find it, not even a trailer.
The Wretched – my interest is piqued, let’s hope it doesn’t suck


The Final Wish (top 9 list)
Velvet Buzzsaw (won’t die list)
Among the Shadows (probably won’t see list)
St. Agatha (top 9 list)
The Hole In The Ground (probably won’t see list)
Pet Sematary (top 9 list)
The Silence (added)
Mercy Black (added)
The Prodigy (won’t die list)
Isabelle (added)
The Haunting of Sharon Tate (added)
We Have Always Lived In The Castle (added)
Room for Rent (added)
Nightmare Cinema (added)
Trespassers (added)

Here’s the link to the original list.

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