Subnormal is a Political Thriller, or is it Science Fiction? Either way, it’s about the Unity Party in the UK making strides to ensure everyone does their part for the country. However, their methods don’t work on everyone, and they are sent to Work Zones, along with others who aren’t deemed as desirable for one reason or the other; injury that is taking too long to heal, emotionally unstable, etc.. The best part, though, in this utopian society, crime rates are at an all time low. The problem, the reason things are perfect in the UK, and that is Servol (an interesting name just because of what it does, but I will not divulge that, you’ll need to read Subnormal for all the dirt on that). Paul, an autistic man, his younger brother, and a few others in the Work Zones unite to shut down the corrupt government, of course, to keep from being a spoiler I will not go into any detail of their troubles.

While Subnormal is not something I would normally read, I had a hard time putting it down, wanting to know what happens next. Each character is someone I could easily understand, and get to know. The scenes are well crafted and quite intense at times, keeping me intrigued and engaged. Like any good book in a series, this one opens the door nicely to the next, which is Supernormal, followed by Postnormal (these books are now on my “To Read List” as well). Thank you Stuart for the suburb writing.

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