My 2020 #HorrorMovie Watchlist

Can you believe it’s already 2020? I can’t, but here it is. And here’s my watch list of horror movies released in the USA in 2020. Of course, like last year, I’ll be adding a ton more through the months since they pop up like gray hairs.

Must See

Antlers was on my list from last year, and I’m still excited about it. It looks very dark and creepy.

Bloodline looks to be exciting and terrifying and it has Seann William Scott. – Reviewed on 5/4

Halloween Kills is the next installment in the franchise and if it’s like the last one, I’ll be very happy.
Hanukkah looks dark and freaky.

Jack In The Box is a movie I heard about last year. It looks like a total cheesefest. Reviewed on 11/9

Saint Maud sounds like it’ll be an exciting thrill ride, though it is from the same people who created Midsommer and Hereditary, and I wasn’t a fan of them.

Terrifier 2 is another delightful clown movie. I loved the first one, and I hope this one doesn’t let me down. Moved to 2021
The Conjuring 3 is now being called The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. I don’t care, I love this franchise and will definitely see it. Moved to 2021
The Turning is an adaptation of the Turn of the Screw by Henry James. I hope they don’t screw it up because I’m very excited to see it.

Won’t Die If I Don’t See It

Brahms: The Boy II sounds like it could be good, but it’s a sequel and it’s very hard to say if it will be or not. Reviewed on 12/7
Fantasy Island is kind of a remake, kinda not. It looks fun. Reviewed on 9/21

Fear Street is an adaptation of books by R.L. Stine, which I never read. I’m assuming it’s gonna be like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, so I won’t be in a hurry to see this.
Gretel & Hansel looks intriguing, though trailers always do. Reviewed on 11/16

Run sounds like it could be interesting, though not exactly original
Stoker Hills (Streetwalkers) might happen in 2020 or not. From what I’ve read about it, I’m interested.
The Droving well if the movie is as riveting as the trailer this is gonna be a good one. Reviewed on 5/20

The Empty Man is an adaptation of the comics of the same, which I enjoy a lot.
Underwater is a movie I probably should’ve put under probably won’t watch because of the mix of ideas from other films, but it still looks good.


Candyman is the Jordan Peele remake of Clive Barker’s amazing film. Reading about it though, it sounds like a continuation, not really a remake. Moved to 2021
Friday the 13th doesn’t have much information about it at this point, but I’ll keep my eye out. Maybe, it’ll happen.
SAW: Organ Donor if it’s real, I’m in. I love these movies.
The Color Out of Space I loved the other two adaptations of this story, and this one looks great, too. Reviewed on 9/14

The Invisible Man is a remake I’m not sure about. How do you top the original?

Probably Won’t Watch

A Quiet Place: Part II the first one was OK, but not as groundbreaking as all the hype around it. Being in this list is probably a lie, but I’m keeping it here.
Army of the Dead I’m not a huge zombie fan as it’s always the same thing over and over.

What movies are you excited about seeing? Let me know in the comments what sounds good or if I’ve missed anything.

*updated review dates on 5/20/2020

Daughter of Illusion

The Horror of My Life