Oh, mother! I’m so glad I didn’t spend extra money to see this flick. I give it kudos for being different and having a strong feeling of angst throughout. None of the characters have names, which is an interesting concept, and with film it’s easy, but I could never write a book like that it’d be way to confusing to know who was doing what; I’ve never read a book without character names, but I’m sure they’re out there.

I kept thinking that mother! (2017) was going to get better and that it’d make more sense. I found myself hitting the button the remote several times to see how much was left; the first was within a ½ hour, and that wasn’t the last time. Mother stomping through the house was annoying, seriously, stop it. Him was an egotistical, narcissistic poet with writer’s block.

I didn’t get the vision mother had when she touched the walls or floors. When the people show up, I expected mother to kill them all, but she was passive aggressive waiting for Him to do it, but it embraced them, welcomed them in. More boring shit happens, and I push the button on the remote again, wished for them to get on with it, then it does for a minute or two with a house party.

The bleeding gash on the floor was cool, but left me wanting more, and she went to the basement giving me more, but it isn’t what I ordered or wanted or needed from this movie. Michelle Pfieffer gave a wonderful performance as woman; thank you for that, I really needed it. When the chaos starts, I was more confused than ever; I did enjoy it at least it was fun and gave some interest to an otherwise lame ass movie.

Oh, wait. What was that yellow powder she kept pouring into water and drinking? Was it a remedy to cure her “moments”? And back to Him, he’s the messiah, because of a poem he wrote, causing World War III in the house. Then they wanted to see the baby, but mother stood her ground until she dozed off, and the baby was body surfing over the crowd; I won’t spoil any more here in case you decide to spend two hours on this like I did. The ending caused me to roll my eyes, shake my head, and say WHAT THE FUCK.

In case you’re wondering, I hate this movie, probably more than I hated Get Out, and only give it ½ out of 5 Stars. Seriously, don’t waste your time. Go for a walk, read a book, or watch anything else but this movie.

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