I don’t want to die. The pact I make ensures that does not happen. I will live forever and be there to witness the Trinity return to this earth to save the wretched souls from their grief and sins…again. Once they begin to ascend into the powerful arms, I will make my move.
The liquid is thick and dark. It smells of burning feces. I strain it into the goblet and listen to the click-click of the clock count off the seconds before I can start the ritual. I prepare the room, then my body—all is pristine.
The time is here. I begin my meditation. The power surrounds me in a vortex. I bring the foul liquid to my lips and feel the power elate around me; they think me a fool. In a swift moment, I throw the liquid around me into the swirling air. I hear their shrieks of agony. My body is plummeted with their force as they try to escape the poison swirling around me. The liquid is a barrier they could not escape, giving them no other choice but to crash into me, giving me their immortality without me becoming a spirit like them.
My body aches with the thousands of attacks. The room is silent. A brown slick circle lies on the floor. I feel them under my skin and hear their whispers in my head; that will soon dissipate as I take what was once theirs as my own. Now I wait, I do not know for how long for the Creator’s return, when I will become the all-powerful.

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