I’ll never forget that smile, it was totally a crocodile grin if I ever saw one, when the kittens finally left the incubation chamber. My colleague was ecstatic to say the least. I must admit, I was pleased as well. Those kittens were starting to make me feel nervous.

* * * *

Deep under the crust of Venus, the kittens broke free from the chamber. The fluffiness of the kittens would make anyone stop and gush—if they only knew the truth. By the thousands, they made their way to the surface of Venus.
One by one, the kittens began to disappear from Venus. In the search of food, they found a wormhole that transported them to Earth. They sniffed the air in the new atmosphere and knew they would find sustenance here.
The farmer sat on the porch with his wife in the cooling evening. The summer was a hot one and he was glad that it was coming to an end. They sipped lemonade in silence, wishing for a breeze. A fluffy orange kitten scampered across the sidewalk leading to the steps of the porch.
“Thelma must’ve had her kittens,” the farmer said.
“This is the first I’ve seen any sign of them,” his wife replied. “I wonder how many she had.”
A grey kitten bounced across the sidewalk from the direction the orange one went. Soon, six kittens played in the grass in front of the farmhouse. The farmer and his wife laughed and smiled with delight.
“Looks like a nice litter,” the farmer’s wife said after a while. “They should help to keep the mice down this winter.”
“Yap, they should,” he said watching the kittens frolic in the lawn. His brow creased. “What’s wrong with that one’s face?” He pointed at a black and white kitten.
“I think it’s just its markings; he’s very cute.”
A kitten climbed the side of the porch, unknown to the farmer and his wife. It sniffed the air and its tail quivered with delight of the smell. It crept under the rocking chair, ears twitching at every sound. It sat behind the bare legs and sniffed. The kitten lunged with claws unsheathed and mouth open. The farmer’s wife jumped up screaming. The silver kitten wrapped its legs around her with claws digging into her flesh and teeth ripping meat from her calf.
The kittens in the lawn froze for an instant, and then smelled the blood. In seconds, not short of a hundred kittens swarmed up the stairs. They leapt forward, piercing the flesh of the farmer with dagger-sharp claws and teeth as he stood in shock at the top of the steps. The farmer’s wife shook her leg in a feeble attempt to shake the kitten free of her. The other kittens were on her in seconds. The farmer and his wife fell to the floor of the porch—knocking over the small table and two rocking chairs. The kittens feasted on their warm flesh.

The prompt is the first statement “I’ll never forget that smile” read all the entries at Wakefield Mahon’s blog.

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  1. I received honorable mention this week!

    Ryan Strohman, judge said, Charles Jones @ChuckWesJ) gets an honorable mention definitely. You could see where it was going right from the start, but who doesn’t love the idea of something so cute and cuddly being so incredibly sinister.

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