“I will never forget the sacrifice he made, nor let it be in vain,” Saul said.
“But you were caught by Great Pig anyway. It just doesn’t feel right. Something happened in Great Pig Hall that we aren’t aware of.” Gappé paused, waiting for Saul to return from the Space Between. The never-ending cycle of stepping out and being pulled back into its slime had become tiresome and he did not have to endure it as Saul did. “As I was saying,” he started again when Saul came back into view. “Something happened in there that we don’t know about. You always trust them no matter what and this time look what it’s done for you.”
“You don’t know what happened. You only speculate and expect the worst from everyone. I admit Frank isn’t always the most trust worthy of my friends. He acts sly on the Second Plain as well as on the other side. Well he did on the Second Plain; now that that part of his is gone I can…”
“Believe that he did it for you,” Gappé interrupted then stopped, thinking of a new way to approach this topic but he couldn’t think of anything. “I guess you’re right. I don’t have any proof that he didn’t do it for you. I just find it odd that Great Pig knew exactly where to find you and keep me and the others away on the other side of the crater.”
“He has other people working for him all over the place. Someone else could’ve seen us up there and reported us.”
“I suppose.”
“Besides, I don’t think that is our biggest problem of the moment…” Before he could finish his statement, the gooey tendrils of the Space Between pulled Saul back within its lair. “Damn it, that’s getting old. Nasty shit. We need to figure out how to get me out of this.”
“We’re working on it. Keiradra is asking around at the Agency. Everyone is doing what they can. I do have an idea but I need to be sure before I get your hopes up.”
Saul shook his head. He felt the pull start and just let it happen. It didn’t make any difference. This was all his fault and he would take the punishment, even if it meant staying in the undulating ooze surrounding him for a lifetime.
“You enjoyed it didn’t you?” He opened his eyes to Gappé staring at him expectantly. “Playing hide and seek with him. Did helping to free the ones you could along the way matter?”
“Yes of course helping them mattered. The game with him was just part of it. It was exciting though.” He smirked.
“Then quit feeling sorry for yourself. This is not going to be forever. I promise.”
For the first time in quite a while, Saul actually felt as though there was hope.
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