We try to be like him but of course, that is impossible. He is a force all of his own. The only way we can even come close to him is to take him into our folds, make him our slave. We have watched him for some time and we know his every movement. He is so tender with his family, so caring—we’ll change that. His patrons are very fond of him, they always over pay their bill—that too will change. His perfect characteristics will be a triumph to our kind for eternity.
He is smart, so the one we chose to induce him has to be just as clever or he will not accept the gift that we wish to bestow upon him. Our chosen will need to entice him with the secrets of our ways but not give enough details until he is hooked. The one that charms the rats in the bowels of the city is intriguing. It can make them prey on each other or any other beast it wishes.
It goes to him and just makes its presence known. It slips into him at night and gives small tastes of what is possible, the life that could be. It leaves in familiar faces for him to see so he believes they will always be near. It swirls around him with complements without boasting on how great he could be. He sees hints of secrets and desires not of his own mind and he is interested, very interested.
We are close and as we thought, he is not as easy to convert. Then it sees the fear and terror in his mind. It knows what to do and leads him through his city as a tourist, opening his eyes to the decay and death around him that he has chosen to turn a blind eye too. Yet he remembers, deeply, the pain that overcame him when he lost his father, brothers and mother to the rotting decay of the sickness. He hid the memories from all around him, even though his wife knew; she had the same for herself.
He watches them load the black tipped corpses into the wagon. Grief of his memories overwhelms him. Fear that the same will come to his family and him, he agrees. Simply, pledges himself to us without question. He will do anything to stop that from happening to his dear wife and child. Unfortunately, our protection does not extend further than him but he’ll find that out soon enough.
Still he does not want to accept the grand gift we gave him. He wants to fight it and hide in the shadows away from people. No one will notice the loss of a few it persuades but no, he will not do what we request. The burning in his belly will not stop but he continues to fight what he is now. It takes him to his former life, he sees them decaying. His is ours.

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