I can’t wait that long and remain calm; I smell them and the hunger bangs in me demanding to be filled. How is it possible that they found a cage that I cannot break free? It was probably an accident that the zoo had a cage suited for a rhinoceros. I have been in the hull of this ship, bouncing around for countless days.
“This is your fault,” It taunts me. “You could’ve escaped after you fed on that courts man, but no, you returned into the cage and waited.”
True, I did have the opportunity to escape, but I want to see this new land, America, though it is not that new any longer. Civilization has come and conquered the wilds. There will be new hunting grounds for me to stalk the ones I deem unjust and deserving; the irony of that. When the cage is unloaded on the shores of America, I will be free.
How much longer, though? I grow impatient. At least when I was buried six feet into the ground, I had the excuse of not feeding easily. Here, though, is different. I know they come near my tarp covered prison. I smell them. I call out for rescue but no one comes to set me free. Had the governor that imprisoned me, instructed them to not come near my cage for any reason? More than likely, I think.
I see the tarp slowly move into the cage from between two bars. I sit and watch. What game could this be? It slowly sags back the way it came. A small hole allows light to flood into the cage for the first time since I was placed in here. Have we finally arrived? I still feel the ship boat bob and weave.
“We still sail,” It says, confirming my thoughts.
A finger pokes through the hole, spreading it open. Dark covers it again. I assume someone trying to spy upon the monster locked within. Two fingers spread the hole wider. I see the eye peering in at me. More fingers enter the opening and rip down. The gash in the tarp sends fresher air gushing in at me. I remain sitting on the floor across from this brave soul, stealing a peek at me. His complete face is now visible in the opening now torn a quarter of the way to the floor.
“You’re a man,” he says.
“Yes, I am.”
“I don’t understand. The manifest says beast and no further description. I heard you call out a few times but thought it came from above.”
I stare blankly at him.
“You must have accidentally been locked in there, I take it,” he barely took a breath or pause to allow me to answer. “Probably, you got trapped when you and your chaps were putting it in the cage, it made the slip and you got locked in.”
I couldn’t help but to smile. I guess I won’t need to wait that long after all.

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