The events transpiring had happened before. I knew exactly how this would end. I have no choice in the matter; all I can do was watch helplessly. No one hears the warnings screamed from my lungs. They hear my screams as the breeze, fluttering my edges and carrying the aromas of popcorn and cotton candy, and the whimsical notes from the calliope. I billow my top, thinking I look unappealing but they rush in with laughter and excitement. Again, I try to warn of the dangers within but still no one listens. The music pumps and the lights darken, they are now prisoners held inside of me anticipating something exciting. The lights above their heads flash and sparkle. They still have time before—too late, they start pouring in, the hideous creatures. A few see their mistake but know there is no escape for them now from the evil Clowns.
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