“You don’t need to fight over me, I will be both of your friends,” he said with a gleaming smile.
The two in the tussle stopped and looked at him with a slight amount of confusion; after-all they were not fighting over him, not at all. Their fight was much more important.
“I got you to stop, didn’t I?” His smiled broadened as he stepped forward with his hands outstretched to them. He took their hands in his, causing them to separate to either side of him, and walked with them down the street. “Now you see,” he broke out in song, “we are all kin on this big ole world and we should just learn to get along.” He turned and winked at the man on the right. “Every one of us is family, you, me and he. We need to cherish each other as a brother not a foe.”
In the middle of the street, hands still clutching the other’s, they began to spin, their smiles growing with each step.
“I am sorry for your strife,” the man on the left sang to the man on the right. “I know I shouldn’t have slept with your wife.”
“I understand my dear pal,” the other replied, “why you did your deed with her when I look at your grisly gal. I would do the same if I were in your shoes.”
“Isn’t it easy to be nice when there isn’t any vice,” the man with the gleaming smile sang out. He let go of them and danced down the street, his voice warbling his tune.
The men stared at each other, their smiles faded away.
“You son of a…” one started and jumped on top the other.

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