“I can give you all of this all you have to do is vow to me.”
I do not see what is hissing these words in my ear but I see the visions it placed in my mind. The sunlight glows around us. We sit in the grass watching our boy play and run and laugh. Everything around us is distorted us, all that matters is my little family and the joy they bring into my soul. I do not understand why it shows me this, I have this any day that it warm outside.
“This is the alternative.”
The scene changes, the light is filtered as though a fog is blocking out the sun. I see the front of our home. I look around me; no one is near, not even Fine and Jerome. I call out and my voice echoes back to me from the narrow streets and alleys. The smell of decay is all around. I hear the clopping of hooves on the ground and the squeak of wheels approach me from behind. I turn and watch the cart slowly approach. The man guiding the horses wears a dark hood over his head; I can only see vague parts of his face.
He stops the cart between my home and me. Another man jumps out of the back of the cart. It shakes with his movements and I hear muffled thuds from the cart. The second man gives me a consoling look and rushes to meet the other at my door. I am froze to the spot, my muscles ache with tension as I try to move forward. I try to scream but no sounds will come from me.
“The wee lad is still living but barely,” I hear one say from within my house.
I am finally able to break free of the hold the ground had on me. I dodge the cart and leap into our main room. His tiny fingers are dark with necrotized flesh. Dried blood soaked into his pillow. I am silent; I cannot make a sound if I want to as I watch his raspy breaths barely expand his chest. My boy is dying. Where is my wife? I turn around the room.
“You don’t want to see this,” one says and grabs my arm taking me back into the street.
He returns into my home. I hear them whisper to each other and step outside. My eyes are dry and red with grief. They place her gently into the cart and return inside. Quickly, the hooded one returns with him in his arms with his head bowed. The other follows him and shakes his head.
“I pledge myself to you,” I scream. “Just don’t let me see that again.”

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