“Starlight, star bright, the first star I see tonight…”
“You’re such a dork. You know that doesn’t do anything, right?”
“Whatever,” the younger girl protested. “How do you think I got the doll set?”
“Mom and dad were getting you that for your birthday already.”
“How do you think they knew?”
Laurie did not know how to respond to Suzy’s logic. They lay in the lawn watching the night sky erupt with stars. Laurie was twelve, she knew more about magic and wishing than Suzy; wishing on something doesn’t make it happen. Both girls drifted off into peaceful slumber under the stars.
The chirping of birds gently woke them. The sweet morning smells of clover and flowers glazed by dew met their noses. Laurie smiled and allowed her eyelids to bounce open. Suzy stood next to her, still as a statue. She felt Laurie stir in her pink sleeping bag.
“It came true,” Suzy giggled. “I knew it would.”
“My wish on the star last night, it came true.”
Laurie sat up, her head spinning from side to side. The girls were in the middle of a forest. Birds flew from branch to branch, chirping and cocking their heads looking for breakfast. Laurie could not make her mouth make coherent sounds; it opened and closed as little grunts and squeaks came from her throat.
“What did you wish for?” Laurie could finally ask Suzy.
“To go to the Enchanted Forest where the faeries live and we’re here.” She laughed and bounced on the soft ground. “Come on, let’s go find them.”
“Give me your hand,” Laurie said. “We should stay close; we’ve never been here before.”
“Yes we have, you just don’t remember but you will.”
Suzy did as Laurie requested and they walked hand-in-hand through the forest. They stopped to eat raspberries and drink from a crystal-clear stream. Ahead they could see a clearing.
“I don’t understand,” Suzy said. “We should have found them by now.”
They stepped into the meadow. Dragonflies bobbed in the breeze, then darted away. In the center, a large boulder sat, the babbling brook wound around it into the swaying tall grasses.
“That’s never been there before,” Laurie said, suddenly remembered their voyages to the Enchanted Forest.
Suzy smiled. “You remember. I knew you would eventually. What’s that sticking out of the rock?”
An ancient legend tells of a sword and stone, but this was something different. This was not a sword jutting from the boulder but a shiny golden tree limb. Laurie reached her hand out to touch it but stopped just before her fingers caressed its smooth, gleaming surface.
“What else did you wish for Suzy?” Laurie asked, turning to face Suzy.
Suzy blushed and stammered. “I, uh…”
“Come on Suzy, what did you wish for?”
“I wished that we would have to rescue the faeries before we could go home.”
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