“It’s almost time,” she whispered in the dark tunnel.
He stared out the opening and shivered, anticipating going into the frigid land. The cold air wisped toward them but did not touch them. She took his hand and they stepped outside. The snow blew around them, as they trudged through the icy carpet on the ground. Their breath crystallized and created fog before them. Tiny stars of snow floated down on and melted at their touch.
“This is the spot,” she said with a bright smile.
The snow around them began to melt. The vines hibernating beneath the frozen crust twitched and pulsed with life. A dome of warmth reached up into the trees and the sun shone through into the secret garden hidden in the wintery forest. Flowers pushed their heads through the warming soil and opened to the brilliance of light. Birds chirped in the trees and bounced on the lush green grass.
“You’ve out done yourself,” the boy fairy said. “But you forgot one thing.”
She contemplated in her mind what she could have forgotten. Her smile grew larger and she flicked her fingers. The rainbow swirled down through the trees and stopped at their feet.
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