George and Mike were undisputed bullies but they always had plausible deniability. No one could ever definitely say it was them–deep down, even the authorities knew the truth. Their normal points of the torment were Marshall and Eric who were tired of it and devised of a plan to “get even”. What they didn’t know was that George and Mike had plans of their own.

The darkness of the cave swallowed the boys. They needed to see what all the hype was about before they went forward with their plans. In the darkness ahead of them, they heard something scraping on rock. Shivers ran across their skin. They flicked on their flashlights and looked at each other with devilish smiles.

They eased down the incline of the passageway. Something dripped on one of the boys’ head as they stepped into the cavern. He rubbed his head, and then examined his hand under the golden glow of his light. He turned his light at the wall above the entrance. A chunk of flesh clung to the rock. His friend made a strange noise; he turned to look where the other’s flashlight pointed. Two mangled bodies lay on the ground.


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