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“How the hell?” Julie said stopping the car and looking at her mother sitting in the passenger seat. “A left back there on Fourth Street shouldn’t have taken me to the water streets.”

Her mother gave her a disapproving look. They had to pick-up the package before midnight. Water cars splashed their wake at them. Julie turned on the dome light and looked at the map.

“Crap, I should’ve taken a right on Fourth. The map must’ve been upside down when I looked at it before. I guess there’s nothing left to do but turn around.”

“The water isn’t that deep; can’t you just go up to that Shell Station so I can use the phone?” Julie’s mother growled. “I need to be at the pick-up spot in eight minutes.”

“No mother I can’t, I didn’t bring the water car.” Julie snapped.

One response to “#MenageMonday Challenge – Week Five”

  1. I received an Honorable mention for this one.

    I got D. Ryan’s email late last night, but there was a critical detail missing. I emailed him first thing this morning, but since I still haven’t gotten a response, I’m just going to roll with what I’ve got to work with. Let’s just say it’s everyone’s lucky week, lol.
    Thank you to Judge D. Ryan and all you wonderful author-types who joined and made Week Five another rousing success!

    Honorable Mentions

    Gordon Bonnet / @TalesOfWhoa / “Xenophobia” – Exceptionally Original Story!
    Siobhan Muir / @SiobhanMuir / “Xenogenesis” – Love that Concept, such a cool tale of Adaptation, way better than Waterworld!
    Sheilagh Lee / @SweetSheil / “Xerox” – Funny Twist! Love this
    Krista Bunskoek / @kbunskoek / “Xanadu” – The Constant Gardener Meets SciFy (you can guess I haven’t seen the constant gardener 😀 )
    Phyllis Carmichael / “Case file 17239-C: The Xenomorphic Effect” – Weird! Cool, gave me shivers a bit!
    David A. Ludwig / @DavidALudwig / “Xenophile” – Cool Visual!
    Charles W. Jones / @ChuckWesJ / “Xanthippe” – Interesting Simple Story
    Terry Byrne / @terryism / “We’re Gonna Need an XL Boat” – Wonder if this has ever happened like during Katrina
    Bethany Lopez / @BethanyLopex2 / “Xanthodont” – Okay, that was scary…
    Michael Kozlowski / @MAKozlowski / “Xeric Dreams” – Very interesting and funny!
    Wade Finnegan / @qualitywriting / “Xerophilous” – What a sad story
    Samantha Jane / @Samantha12Jane / “Xavier Roberts” – I just got a useless bit of information from this story. Xavier Roberts invented Cabbage Patch Kids! Who knew?

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