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She slithered through the flood-waters shooting out her brood. The creature was normally satisfied to release her babies in the green waters of the lake but it was a treat to be able to share her young with the world. Each one was different from the next. The land creatures would be impressed with them.


A woman sat in her car facing the flooded intersection. She needed to get gas and get to work; she could not be late. There was nothing left to do. She eased her foot onto the accelerator and began her trek through the water.


In the middle of the intersection, the front wheels of the car rose out of the water and thudded down. What the hell was that? She thought and pushed down on the accelerator. Her car would not move forward. It bobbed back and forth in the water like a teeter-totter. She looked down at an angle through the side window. The passenger window shattered. The woman turned her startled face to the noise. The creature’s maw opened revealing thousands on pointed teeth and lunged toward the woman.
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