You can say what you want, but Tara loved Josh no matter what. He could do nothing  to cause her to stop loving him and believe me he’s tried. Was she a fool? Maybe, but when it comes to love…I rest my case.
They sat on the short concrete wall drinking lattes. People walked by blindly to their strife. Sharon curled her ankles together; the heel of her patent leather pumps clicked the ground with her agitation. Now they sat in hard silence, because she dared speak the truth about him.
Maybe Sharon should not have confessed to sleeping with him. However, she felt her sister should know the truth. Still Tara would blame her and not Josh for the affair–if you want to call it that, more like a roll in the backs-eat of his car–and be back in his arms by dinner time.
Tara rubbed the back of her calf, doing a peepshow of her Vivre Libre tattoo. She could not believe what a slut her sister was, sleeping with Josh. She knew he was hot. Where is the sisterly loyalty? The unwritten law of not touching the other’s man. Then blaming him, come on, really?

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