“Tonight is the full moon,” he said. “My spell will be remembered for centuries to come.”
“Sounds like a stupid spell if you ask me,” she said, breaking his concentration. “And it’s a blue moon, by the way.”
He gave her a nasty look and returned to his work. “What would she know about anything, anyway?” he grumbled to himself.
“You’re dripping sweat into the potion.”
“Shut up and leave me alone.”
“I thought you wanted me to help you.”
“Not if you’re gonna be talking like this non-stop. I need to concentrate.”
“Don’t think that’s going to make any difference,” she said with a smirk.
“Are you done?”
She nodded with a coy smile.
“Good, now get me that satchel.”
Her eyes followed his finger to the shelves filled with odds and ends that this half rate magician had used in a series of failed spells. Of course it sat on the top shelf with a large clear carafe filled with golden liquid sitting on top of it.
She wobbled at the top of the ladder and tilted the carafe to the side and pulled the satchel free. When she was sure that the carafe was not going to fall over, she returned down the ladder.
“He really needs to get a new ladder,” she thought as she stepped firmly onto the floor and made her way across the room to him. She did not notice that the a-frame ladder tottered from side to side nor did she notice that it had bumped the shelves. However, she did notice the loud crash as the ladder hit the floor, followed by the shelf and its contents.
Her vision returned from darkness with an odd bronze hue to everything. Near her she saw a large dog made of scraps of iron parts.
“Odd, that wasn’t there before,” she wanted to say but her mouth would not move.
“You’re right it wasn’t,” she heard him say. “Thanks to you my spell is ruined and we’re stuck like this until the moon is waning.”
“Blue moon,” she corrected. “Wait, what do you mean by we’re stuck? Like what? What happened?”
“We’re both scrap metal dogs, that’s what. Not to worry, it wears off when the full moon…” He stopped what he was saying. “Shit!”
“It’s a blue moon.”
“Yeah, I’ve been telling you that. So?”
“I don’t know how long it will take to wear off.”

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