#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 40

My eyes flutter in a dim room. Outside the window, I can see the pipe buildings of Arabelle. How did I get here? I try to sit up.
“Careful,” a soft feminine voice says. “You’re attached to quite a few tubes and wires. We weren’t sure we’d see you wake. Guess you were really tired to sleep ten days.” I feel her delicate fingers on my arm and see her translucent skin. “At least you and your friends were able to escape the Deviants.“
I remember running and glancing over my shoulder at the army of Deviants chasing us into the orchard. I barely slowed as I wove through the trees. My friends were with me, yards away, running for their life. The only thing I could think was “how am I going to survive this?” The next thing I remember was a sharp pain spreading across my body, then darkness.
“Lucky for you, they found the worm hole and were able to get you here in time. Deviant weaponry is nasty, with all the poisons they use.” I look up at her undulating face into her blue disc eyes. “Looks like you have visitors.” She says and turns away.

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