How does one go from full on creativity to none what so ever? I’ve been asking myself that question for a few days now. I’ve never experienced writer’s block of this magnitude before. I cannot even come up with a complete sentence that is even remotely interesting. I try all my normal things to get the creative juices flowing; I will not go into details about that, I don’t want the knowing smirks.
I call some friends and we decide that it might be fun to go see a black and white movie marathon. I can only make it through two movies and slip out of the theatre. The night air wakes me from my lethargy. I stop at the ramp of the parking garage and look in; nothing spectacular really. Then I am drawn into what I see in the brightly lit garage—the most unlikely place for inspiration. I see people walking the staircase above me. The stairs run upside down. They do not notice me staring at them in awe as they make their way from top to bottom or bottom to top. My writers block is no more.

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