Legend says that during a full moon strange things happen. I for one do not believe in such fanciful explanations. I am a man of facts, so I researched it. I studied the land. Many people told me the same thing; “it’s a dry heat around here that caused those trees to catch fire.” Well that still did not make any sense to me. How could a dry heat cause a pair of trees to engulf in flames in the middle of a hot summer’s night? There had to be some sort of catalyst.
I took soil samples, tested the air quality and checked for any solar anomalies from that night. Still I was not any closer to an answer. I was reading over my notes, not realizing I read them aloud, when my four year old spoke from the doorway.
“It was probably a fire-breathing werewolf, daddy.”
I looked up from my desk at him standing there with a very serious look on his face. How could I doubt anything he said when he said it with such conviction and seriousness? I guess anything is possible. After all, we now have sparkling vampires, why can’t there be fire-breathing werewolves?
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2 responses to “#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 34”

  1. won Honorable Mention – Siobhan Says: OMG Firebreathing werewolves? That is soooo cool! I laughed hard at that. Great job, Chuck! 🙂

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