It just didn’t feel right. I’ve ridden this close to fifty times and the scrapping sound was never part of it. She knew it too; her expression was of panic rising quickly. I’ve never spoken to her but I know she’s there with me every time. This time she actually sat next to me. All we could do was ride it out and hope for the best.
I felt her hand squeeze my knee. I forced my hand down and put it over her’s. Her fingers climbed around mine. I closed my eyes and felt the latch of my harness release. She squeezed my hand tightly. We sped forward. From the corner of my eye, I could see her harness bouncing free of its lock as did mine. The coaster car shot up following the tracks to the sky.
My only regret is that I never spoke to her. I imagined, in our short travel down the incline, us holding hands on the peer, kissing in the sunset and doing more on the beach. I felt the coaster start to pull up and her hand loosen from mine; you have to let go sometime.
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One response to “#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 32”

  1. Oh dear! That takes bittersweet to a whole new level. I like the build of anticipation in this piece. Very enjoyable!

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