Around me, the images are in flux. I did this with the vow. I had a choice to walk away and allow fate to run its course. But when the flames licked at the city and I only laid down to die, even though I was not dead and could not die. I lost what was dearest to me…I allowed myself to lose them. Then, I fought what I had become, unwilling to take what I needed, refused the only sustenance that would fill the emptiness that I had become.
Now, there she is, returned from my long dark cold past. I know it is she, it has to be, there is no other who can look at me this way and melt away the tempest that boils within. Was it just a façade of her lying on the floor filled with maggots for me to mourn and take replicas to suppress my grief? Could it be that she made a similar vow? Or is this just another copy of her to taunt me out of the shadows? I need more time to make my judgment of her, before I waste her body as I have so many others.

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