In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. With his mysterious ways, he did this in seven days. Well, that is what we are telling people. How else could we explain the creation of a world and solar system to the peasants? They would not understand the scientific explanation on how we did it, so we—mostly I—c ame up with the myth. Now the peasants have become educated and are questioning the myth of God. I should clarify, technically GOD is real, it is a laboratory in the Fifth Sector.
As I am the one that created the God Myth, they chose me to go to Earth to reinforce the myth; at least they allowed me to take my wife and child. That is how we came to be frozen, nothing more than inanimate décor for people to stare at and take pictures with. It appears that there was a problem with the transport, probably with the carbon levels. Now we wait for them to fix the problem so we can go on with our mission.
The prompts for this week are, in addition to the above photo; the phrase “mysterious ways” and the Judge’s Prompt: Creation/creator – you may use the exact word(s), the concept, or both.

One response to “#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 19”

  1. I won Judge's Pet. Miranda Says: This was so funny. I loved the fact that even a vastly more evolved race can still have technical glitches. It makes them more … human.

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