My head felt as though it would explode as I stumbled through the courtyard. The Darkness revolted in me at the sight of the statue of Jesus Christ. Had I known the way to rid myself of this cursed Darkness was to enter onto hallowed ground.

“Get out, it will kill us,” the Darkness raged.

“Blessed are…” I began reading the verse carved in the marble base of the statue.

It did not want me to continue and thrashed in me—I convulsed to its upturning. It wailed and howled, I felt it loosen its grip on me. For the first time in many centuries, I saw the dark swirl of the Darkness in my peripheral vision. I felt empty and relieved; I no longer had the feeling of hunger.

I looked down at my collapsed corpse laying on the ground at the feet of Jesus and I heard a new whispering, a new voice, this one sweet and caring.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” the angelic voice consoled me, the sound of it beautiful.

Me. They’ve been waiting for me. I turned to face the maker of the voice. My angel wife, Fine, stood with Jerome in her arms.

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