Everyone says the end is nigh but the end of what exactly? I find myself looking at the countdown calendar in the office wondering. Am I to be snatched up into the maw of fate and scattered around the globe? These things worry me; something that fuels my soul, watching and waiting for the end with baited breath.
I leave the office at regular time. I walk through the parking lot to the garage in the spine chilling wind. I see a pair of large black birds, I think ravens but Poe would have to answer that one for sure. As I approach the entrance of the parking garage, they start squawking like nothing I’ve heard before from a bird. I swear there is human sound coming from them. I stare up at them, the sun reflects their dark feathers producing an almost crimson colour. They stop their conversation and stare back at me. Their black eyes focus on me—heads swivel side-to-side. In an instant, they swoop from their perch towards me, I fall backwards into a heap of snow; my life did not flash before my eyes but the birds could be heard laughing as they flew away.

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