Even after seeing the trailer for Malignant (2021), I wasn’t sure what I’d be seeing when I started. The opening scene is super cheesy, which I didn’t expect, but with Christian Clemenson in it, how could it not be? Then when it jumped to the present, the tone of the film changed; something it did several times.

Malignant Movie PosterAs events unfold, I’m pulled deeper into this dark world with an imaginary friend killing people. The thrills are good and I was very impressed with the cinematography. The CGI was weird with the way the killer moved, and I thought, ew couldn’t they do better? The reason for what I saw is explained at the end and I was delighted with the dark creation.

My biggest criticism for Malignant is that several scenes felt like they were filmed for a different movie or done by a different director/producer; they just didn’t seem to fit for me nicely. All in all, though, I enjoyed what I saw. Since I don’t like to give spoilers, I won’t say more.

4.5 Stars

Malignant had a great twist that I didn’t expect and the visuals were mostly pleasing. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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