#Lost80s #SciFi Movie – Zone Troopers (1985)

You wanna know what saved my neck. This. Helmet. Steal. GI. Olive Drab. Government Issue. Nothing else. Not luck. Not magic. Not my guardian angel.

The Sarge

Zone Troopers (1985) is filled with so many strange elements that it’s hard not to be pulled into this bizarre world that puts WWII together with an alien spacecraft crash. At times it feels like it’s trying to be a Pyun film as so many of the era did, but this has an extra special layer of crazy that you should really see for yourself.

Richard Band does the music. It’s just as strange as the rest of the movie and sounds like something I’d expected from an Austin Powers episode. If you remember (or have seen) Hogan’s Heroes, you’ll see moments like that in Zone Troopers.

Through the years, I’ve seen several movies with Tim Thomerson, who plays the Sarge, and each he’s laid it on thick, but in Zone Troopers, he goes for the gusto, making one of his best performances ever recorded. Then there’s Biff Manard as Dolan, a news correspondent, who I could swear was a porn star from the 80s, and doing a quick search on Google didn’t deny that thought. The other actors’ portrayals are just as zany as these two.

You’d think that meeting the creature/alien for the first time would be the scene that stuck with me the most, but it’s actually when Mittens hits Hitler when he randomly shows up at the camp near the spaceship crash site, though that’s not the craziest of sequences. Nope, not at all, Zone Troopers is filled with them.

For a low-budget direct to VHS film, the costuming is awesome. The alien is amazing; think an Ewok mated with the Fly (any iteration). I did find it curious that the aliens who came to rescue the first were humanoid in appearance; maybe, they only had enough money for one creature costume.

4 Stars

Zone Troopers is a cheese-filled delight. It’s like every bite has more and more flavor, and I can’t stop even though I know I’m gonna have a stomach ache. I give Zone Troopers 4 out of 5 Stars.

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