Never heard of Robot Holocaust (1986), don’t worry, I hadn’t either until recently when I started searching for something different. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Tim Kincaid always produces some of the strangest movies, and this one is pretty special and different, though not unpredictable.

Robot HolocaustI love how movies set in the post-apocalyptic world dress people like cavemen or Conan the Barbarian stylings. Aren’t there enough things to wear in warehouses or shopping malls? Some of the costuming is interesting like it was rejected stuff from other movies (Torque is a good example). Even the cave worms remind me of something I’ve seen someplace else. That’s not to say that the quality isn’t good, even the wanna be C-3PO is fun.

Robot Holocaust is only seventy-nine minutes long, which is more than enough time to provide us with some of the best…worst…hmmm…acting from the bottom of the barrel of performers. At least, it’s good for a few laughs along the journey to the Power Station. Though, with this movie, I find it endearing because it’s as though they thought their performances were excellent.

2.5 Stars

If you come across Robot Holocaust, give it a shot. Challenge yourself to make it to the end; it’s not as bad as some people have said. I give it 2.5 out of 5 Stars. I’ve seen so much worse.

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