What do these have in common… lightning rods, Fig Newtons, escalators, ballpoint pens, and Vaseline? Cherry 2000

Anyone care to chance a guess as to how many times I’ve seen Cherry 2000 (1988)? I think it exceeds twenty, but it could be many more. The thing that surprises me the most about this film is how few people that I know who’ve seen it. And the saddest thing was that I’ve heard about this movie is that there are talks of a remake. PLEASE, DON’T DO IT. You’ll only destroy the whimsical, nonsensical aspects of this cinematic delight and the campiness that is this 80s classic.

Cherry 2000 is set in post-apocalyptic California circa 2017.—it’s amazing to see the similarities of reality compared with movies, and this has so much in common with what happened in 2017.—She is a sex robot. That’s right, one of my all-time favorite movies is about a sex toy, go figure. The one thing I’ve never understood about this movie was how Cherry shorted out. It’s not like she hadn’t been wetter in previous encounters.

A significant portion of Cherry 2000 is filled with tongue-in-cheek comedy. Everything from Sam mourning the loss of his sex toy to him leaving the GLU GLU CLUB to be near his dead sex toy. Oh, and if you blink at the wrong moment, you’ll miss Laurence Fishburne. Just wait until he goes to the Glory Hole (watch for the sign) to find a tracker to help him find a replacement Cherry 2000 in the wilderness. Other places of interest are Sky Ranch and Last Chance Brothel & Gas.

Remember gentlemen, life is an adventure. Lester

Please make an effort and find this film. Don’t leave it on your watch list for long, in fact, move it to the top. I give Cherry 2000 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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