#Lost80s #PostApocalyptic America 3000 (1986)

The F-in Plugot tricked me. Nena

America 3000 (1986) is one of those forgotten gems that brings about a sense of nostalgia in me. While the setting is Colorado (there’s a sign for Denver Brighton), it was filmed in Israel. I guess it’s cheaper to film over there than here. Tony Berg made the music for this one with magical guitar riffs. The costuming and sets are what one would expect from this genre of movie filmed anytime. The hair is amazing, though, but it was the 80s so of course it was.

America 3000Adding an extra layer of WTF to this one, there’s a narrator giving colorcast of things that happened and insights of some of the characters. This duty, for whatever reason, they gave to Gruss, who is Korvis’ sidekick.

In this world, the women call men Plugots. The women, who are in power awaiting the president to come, are named Frowl. I think, for both. It was hard to understand the words since none of the characters said them the same. Maybe, if the acting would’ve been better than a third-grade school play, I would know for sure what they were saying. Mericans and Commies were the people who inhabited the world before the nukes in 1996.

Another bizarre thing was the use of ‘hot.’ It had so many possible meanings, and it was hard to determine what they were referring to. And sometimes, ‘plastic’ was a cuss word, and other times, I just didn’t know what it meant. The word usage wasn’t the strangest, that was Aargh the Awful, who was like a Wookie or maybe even Bigfoot. The final action scene is so cheesy and wonderful. The stunt work is where they dropped the money for this film. And the ending…how can you go wrong with an orgy?

3.5 Stars

Just for the mere delight, this cheese-fest brings, I give America 3000 3.5 out of 5 Stars

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