I remember when The Monster Squad (1987) came out, and I was one of the few who thought it was good. I don’t remember it being considered a horror-comedy though, and after seeing it again, I don’t see much funny. Sure, there are some clever one-liners, but that does not a comedy make.

Wolfman’s got nards. Horace

The Monster SquadThis came out after The Lost Boys, so maybe the expectations were set with it, though it is a typical pre-teen story with the bullies at school and a secret club. The story isn’t 100% or new, even for 1987, but it serves the purpose of bringing everything together. With this film, they took iconic bits from the classic movies and mixed them in.

I love the special effects of the skeletons and bats; they are so cool, no CGI. I miss horror movies like this with effects that aren’t computer-generated. My favorite creature is Frankenstein’s Monster. The makeup is very well done. Then there’s Wolfman. I think I made a better cat costume in 1986. The Mummy was good, too, I wish we would’ve seen it more. The other that received little screen time was The Creature From The Black Lagoon, but again, it wasn’t the best. In a few places, they added animation, more substantial at the ending like they only had enough money for the “high-tech” stuff to do it once.

The Monster Squad will always have a place in my dark soul, and I will watch it whenever it’s on. I give it 3.5 out of 5 Ram Skulls.

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