The 80s brought about many strange things, and Spellbinder (1988) seems to highlight many of them in under ninety minutes. I saw this in college on VHS, but I didn’t recall it being so slow to get anywhere, like so many movies today that fight to get to the point.

SpellbinderSpellbinder is the first time I saw Tim Daly in anything. I think back in the day that I thought he was great and not awful to look at. Now, as I see this movie again after over three decades, and knowing a few of his other roles, I shake my head because he’s the same in everything, even Wings. The romantic parts were steamy, almost like it was made for Skin-a-max.

At times the suspense was terrific, but for the most part, I wasn’t impressed. I think the best scene was when the man was burned for his betrayal. Spellbinder isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen from the 80s, but pretty close, at the least the final sequences were entertaining. I should mention that twist made watching the entire movie worth it. Oh, one more thing. Rick Rossovich should’ve had more screen time than he did, maybe, switching his and Tim’s would’ve made it better.

2.5 Stars

This film only gets 2.5 out of 5 Stars from me.

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