Never Cry Devil performed by Willy DeVille is the opening credits theme song, which was the original title of Night Visitor (1989), and I’m left wondering why they changed it, especially since it makes more sense. I couldn’t help noticing that this cheese-fest is very similar to Fright Night (1985) except with Satanists in suburbia.

Night VisitorAnother difference is that there’s so much going on in this one that it’s like they took a few scripts and threw them together. At least when the stories came together and flash from one set to another, it all made sense.

The effects are minimal, while the action in the final sequences is calamitous and on the verge of being over-the-top like a bad Kung-Fu movie. I wish there’d had been more to the ritual scenes or even Satanic influence in the community, but there was none of that. Maybe, even throw in more of the seventeen victims of the Call Girl Killer, something. I can handle zany, teenage romance added, but it was barely even that.

2.5 Stars

Night Visitor is one of those movies that are good to have on for background noise, so when something fun happens, you can look up to see it. I give this one 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

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