For the 28th day of 30 Days of Terror I thought a cult classic starring a Rock Superstar was an appropriate film to talk about. Monster Dog (1986) is an Italian film that was released direct to video in the USA in 1986. It stars Alice Cooper, who sounds a lot like Jeff Goldblum in this overdubbed work of art. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Alice Cooper’s speaking voice.

Monster DogThe film opens and closes with the music video for Identity Crisis, performed by the fictitious pop-star, Vince Raven (Alice Cooper). I found it surprising that there isn’t more cheese in this movie; it is there, just not thick. The setting is Vince’s childhood home, where he hasn’t been in quite some time. They reveal the reason later with a totally radical backstory.

I didn’t expect the imagery in the dream sequences or the high quality of the effects. The strangest thing is seeing Alice Cooper without his iconic dark makeup around his eyes. Well, that’s not true; his lack of makeup isn’t the strangest thing in this film. Old Man (Barta Barri) reminds me of Vincent Price in the way he delivers his dialogue and quirky movements.

Music video

The second song performance by Vince Raven is See Me In The Mirror. It’s the reason the primary cast is at the manor so they can film its music video. At this point, the intensity of the film doubles. The need to hide from the locals is imperative since Vince is hunted. They believe he is the reason for the dog attacks because his father’s curse was extended to him, too.

4 Stars

I loved Monster Dog and gave it 4 out of 5 Stars. You should definitely check this one out.

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