Garth Manor has a tragic history, but no really believes the story that’s been told about it in Hell Night (1981), making it the best place to haze four pledges. One of the sorority hopefuls is Marti, played by Linda Blair. It’s always strange to see her in anything that doesn’t involve gross makeup and pea soup spewing from her mouth, including a few of the sequels for her most known movie.

Hell NightHell Night is a typical cheesy teen slasher set in a haunted house. They tried to make the twist interesting by making the pledges believe that pranksters from the Fraternity and Sorority were behind the frightening things happening. They use as many of the slasher stereotypes in this film as was possible. However, they didn’t bother with a lot of over-the-top gore, which I found a little disappointing. One effect was extremely impressive and surprising that it was present.

Acting in this one isn’t especially great, but the fun makes up for it. The thrilling moments were done well with the creepy antagonist (or was it two) killing them off one by one. Another notable thing about this film was something that I normally don’t mention and that was the stunt work. Something else that was present was a freaky Phantom of the Opera resemblance at a few moments.

3 Star

If you find it, check out Hell Night, it’s good to pass the time. I give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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